Hello everybody!

Just want to make a few notes about this website. Chris and I met on some internet message board, became friends and decided to make this website together. I made the design and the programing and most of the information is from Chris.

I also want to say thank you to Mariko, who always send me the latest news from Japan and to Hella and her sister and to M. H. for all the translations and information. And of course to Asami who send me my first tape of X Japan!!



X Japan, Gotthard, hide, Kent, Saybia, Placebo, Patti Smith, Bon Jovi, ...

Favorite Bands

X Japan, L'arc en ciel, GO!GO!7188, Rentrer en soi, Mucc, Versailles, T.M. Revolution, Scandal, Jam Project, Yoshiki Fukuyama, Ketchup Mania, MarBell, Noodles, Nightmare, Acid Black Cherry, Daizy Stripper, The Underneath, Galneryus...

In 1994 I taped 'The Great Music Experience' (it was on German tv!) because of Bon Jovi. I saw X performing 'Standing Sex' and 'Endless Rain' and fell in love with them. It took me several years until I found out more about them, but the more I heard the more I loved them...

How we got to know about X Japan

I discovered X Japan through the Japanese anime promotional X2 during my college career at UCONN while attending the Japanese Animation Society UCJAS. The song "X" had played and I thought it was one of the best Japanese songs I had ever heard, it was so powerful. A friend in the club had some of their cd's and I asked him to make copies, after that it bacame an obsession and I had to get everything I could, and now I pretty much do! CD's Videos, ect. ^_^ X Japan is a band like no other and will never be replaced in my heart.....

juggling, reading, geocaching, learning Japanese, my rabbits...

Other hobbies

Illustrative art, dvd collecting, cd collecting, toy collecting.....







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September, 5th 1974

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