X Japan on HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP (Januar, 13th 1997)


m. = Matchan

Hm = Hamachan

y. = Yoshiki

hide. = hide

p. = Pata

t. = Toshi

h. = Heath


Hm. Good evening.

i. OK...

Hm. Here they are again...

m. (moan)

Hm. Uhm...

m. Yes?

Hm. Tonight's champ is ...

m. Yes yes

Hm. our New Year's champ for the third time this year.

m. ahh.. is that so? (audience screams)

m. Well, our TV viewers should know this just by watching, but we have a unique audience.

Hm. Yes (audience laughs)

m. It's scary... well, before we started there was a strange time.

Hm. Yes (audience laughs)

m. It was because Yoshiki was taking a crap (audience screams with disagreement)

m. You never know...

Hm. (to audience) Wait a minute!!! What do you mean "Yada Yada"? (audience laughs)

Hm. That guy craps big ones! (audience screams)

m. They are X-JAPAN, after all... (audience laughs)

m. I think when everyone was waiting, he was probably pushing it out really hard. (audience laughs)

Hm. OK, Tonight's MUSIC CHAMP are these people!!!

(on a big screen, the name X-Japan with member pics appears while X-Japan comes out from other side of the stage) (audience screams)

Hm. (to audience) OK OK OK OK OK OK.... It's been one year .

m. So... A Hide!

Hm. (pushes Yoshiki around) We were waiting for you!

m. Well, there were different kinds of fake explainations said but...

Hm. Outside, there was a person holding a sign that said "Please give me your seat for X-Japan" (audience laughs)

Hm. A guy... just kept wandering around saying he wanted to get in.

m. Oh really? He wanted to get in?

Hm. Yeah

m. If he told me, I would've given him my seat.

Hm. (to M) what?! (audience laughs)

Performance of DAHLIA

m. How is your mood today? (audience laughs)

Hm. Today...

m. Yes

Hm. Before the show started, Yoshiki didn't come down... so I thought maybe he went home.

m. Everyone thought that maybe he went home, I thought that he maybe hasn't shown up yet (audience laughs)

m. but it wasn't like that.

Hm. it wasnt like that... everyone's here...

m. Yes (Yoshiki grabs his drink right after it was placed on a table for him)

Hm. Oh! going for it already... (audience laughs)

Hm. Well, lets drink, lets drink.... uhm, has it been a while since you guys met up with each other?

y. No... (looks toward Toshi) meeting today...

t. It's been a while

y. It's been a few months, right?

t. uh huh.

Hm. eh? for everyone?

y. yeah... I came back yesterday, or was it today?

m. from Awaji Island?

Hm. (to Matchan) What?! (audience laughs)

Hm. Why was he in Awaji Island?

m. (to Hamachan) from where then?

Hm. (to Yoshiki) From Los Angeles?

y. Yes yes

Hm. (to Matchan) from Los Angeles...

m. uhhh... for not seeing each other alot, you guys sure can do it..

t. do what?

m. 'what?'.... (audience laughs)

m. Well, when I uh... (pointing to Hamachan) you... uh...

Hm. HA - MA - DA

m. Hamada, Hamada, (audience laughs)

m. If I don't see Hamada for 6 months or so, it gets tough...

t. ahhh

m. maybe that's different for musicians, huh?

Hm. how is it? (looks at Y) (Yoshiki laughs)

Hm. what's so funny?! (audience laughs) A how cute!

Hm. (to Yoshiki) do you have a bit of jet lag?

y. Yes, completely... (audience laughs)

Hm. during that time, do you guys do something on your own? (to Hide) I saw you

hide. eh? huh?

Hm. for that sick girl... you did some stuff

hide. ahh... yes yes...

Hm. with THAT hair... (audience laughs)

Hm. what you do is great...

m. yeah...

Hm. (looking at Pata) the rest of you...

p. Yes?

Hm. during that time...

p. I had a part-time job at his place. (points to Hide) (audience laughs)

m. a part-time job?

p. yes

m. what were you doing?

p. I had a part-time job playing guitar

m. ahhh

Hm. Oh, that kind of part-time job? I thought you were helping out his family business or something (audience laughs)

m. so individually, you guys were doing stuff, huh? (to Heath) What were you doing?

h. I was recording the whole time...

m. alone?

yes, alone...

m. ehhh... eh? You played alone like this (pretends to play bass) and say "that wasnt right", go outside, do this (pretends to mess with mixers), and then do this (pretends to play bass again). (audience laughs)

Hm. hey, that's too much of an 'alone'!

m. (to Toshi) I saw you...

t. yes?

m. You were on "Tetsuko no Heya", weren't you?

t. yes..

m. I just happened to be watching... (audience applauds)

Hm. Oh really?

m. I thought to myself "woah....he's on 'Tetsuko no Heya' by himself!"

Hm. huh....

m. That's gotta be tough... (audience laughs)

m. Being on that show is like being a victim of a hit-and-run (audience laughs)

Hm. (to Yoshiki) And you were recording?

y. I was in LA

Hm. what were you doing?

y. recording or working on a video...

Hm. hmmm..

y. yeah...

Hm. all work? (Yoshiki sips his drink)

Hm. I bet you didn't have much work and were playing around! (audience laughs)

y. I went to Las Vegas once...

Hm. Ahh!! You see! You were goofing off! (audience laughs)

Hm. You went to Las Vegas and gambled and...



Hm. Did you make any money? you know, I won alot...

Hm. Ahhh

m. What was it? Was it this? (Pretends to play slot machine)

y. Uhm, what was it called... you do this (pretends to throw dice) like "BAN!" (imitating sound of dice hitting table) (audience laughs)

m. (in sarcastic tone) That was 100% understandable. (audience laughs)

Hm. What's that?

y. A dice game... I think it was called Craps

Hm. hmmm... how long did you play in Las Vegas?

y. Just one day

Hm. oh? Just one day?

y. Yes

Hm. If it was just one day, it's not that fun, huh? You should've stayed a little longer

y. yeah... I got tired (audience laughs)

y. I left

Hm. Oh, you left? You said "I'm leaving!" and took off?

y. I was supposed to stay longer but...

m. "6 comes up too much!"

show staff bring out a big board with X-Japan's schedule. Hamachan & Matchan both have 'pointers'... telescoping rods to point things out on the board.

Hm. Here's their schedule for '96... take a look at this...Oricon... #1 upon release (audience applauds)

Hm. and here, they were scheduled to have a tour........

m. Yes yes yes ...

Hm. CANCELED!! (audience laughs)

m. ahhhh

Hm. This couldn't be helped

m. Wait a minute.... January, February, March... were all three months cancelled?

Hm. All three months were cancelled, right?

y. Yes...

m. haaa...

huh? eh? That's wrong... (audience disagrees)

y. Oh, that's wrong...

Hm. Hey! (hits Yoshiki with the pointer) (audience laughs)

y. Only March was cancelled

Hm. Oh, just March...


y. Yes.

Hm. That couldn't be helped, right? It got cancelled.

m. Yes yes yes

Hm. From here...

m. mm

Hm. April, May, June.... (pointing to Yoshiki& Toshi's schedules) it says that these two were recording but...

m. Yes yes (audience laughs)

Hm. These three... NOT DOING ANYTHING!!! (audience laughs)

that's mean! That's mean!

m. it really is blankblankblankblankblankBLANK... (audience laughs)

Hm. Is this where you guys were doing the things that you just mentioned? Is that what it means?

solo's and stuff...

Hm. I see, like solos...

m. ahhhh....

Hm. So it's not like you were doing nothing.... (Hamachan flips the board over to reveal the rest of the year. The schedule shows empty spaces for everyone except Yoshiki and one month for Toshi)

Hm. Please take a look at this... (audience laughs)

That's mean!! That's mean!!

Hm. (to audience) What?! What?! What?! (looks at schedule) What is this?! (audience argues with Hamachan saying he's being cruel to the band members)

They were doing things!

Toshi-kun had a concert!

That's wrong!

Hm. (looks at the schedule) What is this?!

m. Hamada, hey Hamada!... You've gone too far...

Hm. (to Matchan) Hey, wait a minute! (audience laughs) (audience applauds Matchan for siding with them)

Hm. (to audience) I'm just reading what it says!

m. no no Hamada...

Hm. (to audience) Tell me if I'm wrong!

m. Hamada...Hama... don't do this to them... (audience laughs)

Hm. Is it because you haven't finished the stuff to be released for X-Japan?

y. Anything related to X is my responsibility...

Hm. yes yes yes

y. We're doing it centered around me...

Hm. yes yes

y. in between, when there's time they..

Hm. They're doing their solo work...

y. yeah..

Hm. so they were waiting for you to finish?

y. yes

Hm. and yet, you went to Las Vegas...

y. no no... that was only one day! (audience laughs)

Hm. So you came back because you were done...

y. done with what? (audience laughs)

Hm. The X-Japan songs, which everyone waited for you to finish, were completed, so you came back?

y. Yeah yeah yeah...

Hm. hmmm

y. uhm, I was also making a video...

Hm. hmmm... how many songs did you make?

y. uhh.. we made our songs maybe 2 years ago, right? (looking at others) (Hamachan loses it, drops his pointer on the ground and makes a pissed off face...) (audience laughs)

Hm. So what the hell did you people go over there for?! (audience laughs)

y. It's really hard to explain X-Japan..

Hm. ah...yeah, I see...

m. (to Hamachan) it's a different world from ours

Hm. (to Matchan) they're different from regular musicians...

m. (to Hamachan) that's right

y. It's very complex...


Hm. mm

y. (turns to Hide) right?

hide. (turns to Pata) yeah?

p. (turns to Heath) yeah? (audience laughs)

Hm. don't pass it on, don't pass it on!

m. When it reaches over here, I wonder what kinda word it'll change into... (audience laughs)

X-Japan performs SCARS

m. Last year was somewhat slow, right?

Hm. Yes, yes

y. It wasn't slow...

Hm. Oh, it wasn't slow

y. yes

Hm. Oh really?

y. I got hurt during the tour...

Hm. you got hurt?

y. yes... I hurt my neck a little.

Hm. ah.. really?

y. a little bit, kinda, seriously hurt it.... hurt it really bad... (audience laughs)

m. (unclearly) Along with taking care of your neck, what do you want to do this year?

y. Food? huh? (audience laughs)

Hm. (to Yoshiki) "Along with taking care of you neck"... I had some problems understanding him too...

m. Oh really?

y. I heard him say "food"

Hm. "neck"

m. Along with taking care of your neck,

Hm. hmm

m. What's going to happen?

y. It'll have to be...

Hm. Are you guys gonna be doing your own things?

y. no no, we're planning on doing some recording but... (audience laughs) (Hamachan extends his pointer, and smashes it against the board)

Hm. so you're going back to LA!! (audience laughs)

m. I'm sorry if the way I think is so unprofessional, but... I understand that recording is hard, but... July, August, September, October, and November... does it really take THAT long?

It does!!

m. Why? You just click it like this and then... (pretends to push a record and playback button on a tape recorder with two fingers and pretends to play a guitar) (audience laughs)

Hm. Why is it a tape recorder?! (pretending to push rec/playback too) (audience laughs)

m. Isnt it like this? (pushes rec/playback again with two fingers)

Hm. Hey! Don't push two... the newer ones only use one... (audience laughs)

Hm. why is it like that? Do you say "oh this isn't right" while you're recording and throw things out?

y. yeah, yeah... I get sick of it...

m. So does that mean there are some songs that don't go into the CD?

y. Everyone's quite picky so...

Hm. Oh, really?! It seems like they wouldn't say anything... (audience laughs)

Hm. They're picky, huh?

y. They don't say much, but....

Hm. Which is it?! (gives Yoshiki a light elbow) (audience laughs)

y. Oh yeah...Hide can't taste things...

Hm. He can't taste things? (audience surprised)

Hm. What do you mean?

y. ah, he can taste things, but...

Hm. Which is it?! (light slap to Yoshiki's shoulder) (audience laughs)

m. I'm getting confused...

y. (points to Hide) uhm... whatever he eats, he says it's delicious...

(points to Yoshiki) He's very picky about what he eats... 'I don't want this'...'I don't want that'...

y. no no no

hide. For saying all that...

Hm. do it! do it! do it! fight each other! (audience laughs)

hide. (to Yoshiki) You started this...

y. no no...in Hide's case, say like you go to a restaurant...

Hm. hmm

y. you know how they have fish stores...not fish store... a seafood restaurant... (audience chuckles)


seafood restaurant...

y. the ones where they have fish in a tank...

Hm. yes yes yes

y. just with that atmosphere, he thinks it's delicious...

m. Yes yes yes yes...

Hm. ahhh....

m. So he loses to the atmosphere...

Hm. I see...

y. so if we go to a place that's a bit fancy, he says, "Yoshiki, this place is good!" (audience laughs)

m. ah! So that pisses you off?

y. No, it's OK...

m. huh...? it's OK? (audience laughs)

y. He doesn't know how to taste things... (audience laughs)

but the single most favorite food for this person is uh... McDonald's morning menu is his favorite... (audience laughs)

Hm. Oh, the ones with the sausages and stuff?

y. That just happened to be...

(imitating Yoshiki) WOW!! THIS IS SO GOOD!!!