m. L> Interview Music Station

X Japan on Music Station SUPER LIVE (December, 27th 1996)


t. = Tamori

s. = Shimohira Sayaka

y. = Yoshiki


t. Next up is X-Japan.

s. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

t. Yoshiki, you injured your neck but...

y. Yes

t. Are you alright?

y. Today will be the first time I'll be playing in front of everyone since I hurt my neck.

t. Oh, it's your first time?

y. Yes... I'm a little nervous but, I think I'll be fine.

t. Play THAT hard, and you'd hurt your neck...

y. Yes.

t. The end of the year is really busy, isn't it?

y. Every year is...

t. The end of the year...

y. We're in Japan only at the end of the year.

t. Yeah... do you have anything new for next year?

y. Next year, we're going to be recording.

t. eh?!

y. Recording again...

t. I bet it's gonna take a long time...

y. No, this time we'll try put it out fast.

t. You'll make it fast this time?

y. Yes.

t. OK.. please stand by for your song...

s. X-Japan will be holding their annual Tokyo Dome Live for two days, but both days will be different from each other so you can enjoy both days.

t. (grunt/moan)

s. Yoshiki still hasn't fully recovered from his neck injury, so he will be playing the drums wearing a corset around his neck.

t. OK, let's go!

s. Here's X-Japan with their first TV performance of "Scars"...