X Japan's appearance on NHK's POP JAM (October 25th, 1996)


i. = Interviewer (Moriguchi Hiroko)

y. = Yoshiki

t. = Toshi

hide. = hide


i. After a long wait, X-Japan has arrived! Nice to meet you. All members bow

t. Nice to meet you.

i. First of all, what all fans are worried about is Yoshiki's physical condition.We heard some shocking news during spring, but how are you doing now?

y. uhm, yeah.. I'm still in rehabilitation. I'm not playing the drums yet, but...

i. Oh, really?

y. Yes. I might start playing in about a month...

i. So, your 'super human' like drumming is going to be put on hold for a while?

y. No, we've already set dates for a concert so...

i. Ah!

y. so I'll force myself, (turns to Toshi) right? (hits Toshi's arm) Toshi just looks down and nods with a slight grin

i. OK, so... after 5 years, the new album is finished... I've heard that recording for X-Japan is a nightmare, but what is it that makes it bad?

y. Well, we can't compromise... we get so into the recording that we can't get out. Especially Toshi.

t. Yes?

i. I've heard that you, as a vocalist, took a lot of care for the vocals, but how was it?

well... really, uhhm.. Yoshiki hits Toshi in the arm

i. What's wrong?

t. If you would just listen to it...

i. What kind of emotions did you put in this time?

t. well... there were all sorts of emotions put in...throughout the 5 years...

y. Like what kind?

t. huh?

i. the members are interviewing each other...please continue.

t. iya iya... really...

y. Specifically speaking...

t. Each song... with different emotions...

y. Which song do you like?

i. That's good, that's good. keep asking more.

t. iya iya... really...

y. Which song was most memorable?

i. I'd like to ask that... that's something the fans would like to know.

y. That's right.

t. Well, there really isn't ONE SONG.

i. ahh... that's a hard question, huh?

y. But if you had to choose...

t. really, uhmm...

y. Just say something.. anything

i. On the other hand, was there a song that gave you problems?Aren't there times when you could record a song easily, but there's just one song that doesn't go too well?

y. No... we're serious about everything

i. Well, that makes us even more interested but.. and uh, Hide, it seems that you wrote a song too.. what kind of song is it?

hide. Yes? Uhhh..

y. (quietly to Toshi) He's like a guy at a fish market..

hide. What kind of song... it would be better if you'd just listen to it but... I think was the last song we recorded, right?

t. ah.. the last song.. yeah... the last song was Hide-chan's song.

i. I see...

hide. We didn't realize it.

t. We didn't realize that it was the last song.

i. before you knew it?

hide. Yo'chan gave me a 'OK' phone call and so I told Toshi, 'doesn't that mean you're done?...', right?

t. Yeah..

hide. (points to Toshi) You looked so happy then...

i. (to Yoshiki) I heard that after all the songs were done and you listened to it, you cried.

y. You would cry if you went through all he the things we did.

i. Was it out of satisfaction, or joy...?

y. Well, I heard the album by myself.. I had everyone leave the studio... even the engineers... in the beginning I didn't think that the album was a big deal before I heard it straight through. But when I heard it straight through, tears came out of my eyes from around the 3rd song and didn't stop throughout the rest of the album

i. I see... OK, so please introduce the song from the album.

y. uhhm... (hits Toshi) Toshi and Yoshiki persuade the other to introduce the song

y. uhm... Forever Love.