Interview with Yoshiki on "Tower Countdown" - Close Up (October, 21st 1996)

i. = Interviewer

y. = Yoshiki


i. Tonight's 2nd guest is Yoshiki of X-Japan.In November, X-Japan will release "Dahlia" which is their first album in 5 years.The album, which focuses on the singles from the past 5 years, can truely be called "X-Japan's road to this day"...but why did it take so long for the release of this album?

y. If I was told to release this album two years ago, I probably could've... hmmm... but, maybe those 2 years went by because we were working on details or... It wasn't like "we shouldn't change this and that"... it was more on a personal level, like a hobby... changing this sound to that sound.

i. But still, not to release an album for five years couldn't have possibly been a PLUS for X-Japan.So what does Yoshiki, the band's leader, think about that?

y. There were things that didn't go the way I wanted them to... but it's not that I got mad or anything, but it was fun... mmm... We toured last year before the album's release and when I thought to myself, "This is ridiculous.." I didn't want to do anything... Normally, you'd release and album and then go on tour.. we already did it a year ago mmmm... and I collapsed.... I'm not too sure, but I'm glad it wasn't normal

i. The album, "Dahlia" is set to be released in November. At the end of this year, there are plans for a "Tokyo Dome 2 days". The aggressive X-Japan will return soon. What does Yoshiki see in the future for X-Japan?

y. For an album that took 5 years . I don't think it's great... mmm but I don't think its that bad... mmm but I'm... mmm not satisfied at all... but I don't think its bad... I'm getting confused...(laugh) I guess it's OK...It's just that there were so many things that I couldn't do because of this album that I plan on starting many different things.