In 2000 there were some videos to download at the page. Here are the transcripts of them.
Thanks to xiaohei and li shell!


y. = Yoshiki

n. = Interviewer Nicole


In 2000 opened it's doors. A lot of fans visited the site. As a thank you Yoshiki uploaded some video interviews in his studios in LA. For all of you who didn't see it, here's a transcript of it. - Interview - 08/18/2000

N. Hello. I'm Nicole and I'm Yoshikis assistant. It's August, 18th and this is Extasy Recording Studio North which is in Los Angeles and Yoshiki owns it. Plus he owns Extasy Recording Studio South on the other side of the town. Right now he is doing a project called Violet Uk. Now come along, I think he is recording a song right now... Yoshiki..? Hello.

Y. Hello.


N. What are you recording?

N. OK. So...What do you recording now?

Y. Hm...I'm recording three new songs for Violet Uk. Actually the song you just heard it belongs to ... I used for 7-11 comercial in Japan.

N. So you are recording 3 songs at the same time?

Y. Yes. I'm running 3 studios, Studio A, B, C. In each studio I'm recording different songs because I get a lot of different ideas at the same time.

N. I don't know how you do it...Can we take a look at studio A?

Y. Sure.


N. So what exactly are you doing to this song?

Y. Well, I'm adding effects and vocals.

N. Are you singing?

Y. You wish!

N. Laughs

Y. Well, there's a vocalist for this song.

N. Can I hear more?

Y. It's during the demo stage... hm... but ok!


N. Now we are in Studio B. Yoshiki, which song are you recording in here now?

Y. A song called Blind Dance ?????

N. It looks like you have a lot of equipment in here. Do you use it all?

Y. Well it depends on the song you know. This thing is the master keyboard. This keyboeard is asigned to control from Data performer, that computer. So I can control all the mixing stuff (?), including samplers I have back to me, four, five, six (?) something, including sound mojos.... also these are effects, equ, reverb, delay, compressor and gain and you know... (?)


N. Can I hear the song?

Y. No way.

N. Come on.

Y. Well, it's during the work...but...


N. No we're in studio C. This room looks like a space ship. What are you doing here?

Y. I do a lot of editing in addition to programming and recording.

N. Look at this silver equipment.

Y. This is the sythesizer I can create a lot of interesting sounds with it.

N. So, you recording a lot of songs at the same time, you're producing a lot of artists. I mean is this normal for you, so you get any sleep?

Y. I don't know if it is normal. But you know, I'm really exited about my new project Violet Uk, also my new record companies and I just wanna keep writing and recording. I don't need to sleep.

N. Which song do you record in studio C?

Y. A song called Fame. I wrote this song for a movie called 'In God's hands' which was produced by Zalmond King. Now we are enginieering it.

N. Can we hear a bit of it?

Y. Sure.


Y. I'm ready.

i. What do you want me to play?

Y. Violet by tune 5 (?)


N. Hi, this is Nicole and I'm reporting from the north Hollywood studio. It's August, 28th at 1 am in the morning and I have just received words that Yoshiki is still in his office. Lets go and see if everything is ok. I can't tell if he's sleeping or listening to the song. Yoshiki...? Yoshiki...?

Y. Alright...

N. I'm sorry for waking you... ahm, what song is this?

Y. Violet

N. ahm, a violet Uk song?

Y. I'm just writing lyrics for this song... I'm not sleeping.


N. We're in Yoshiki's office at his studio. And Yoshiki, I know you have another location at Beverly Boulevard, do you use that office as much as you use this office?

Y. Well, during the day I go to the record company, when I'm leaving there I come here and work all night.

N. Whew. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what do you do with these brief cases?

Y. I have a bag for every single project.

N. Also, I mean I'm looking around the room, and you have so many computers, do you use them all?

Y. Yes, I use the Internet a lot, you know, to get Information on a variety of things.

N. Violet... Come down over there baby! (Talking to one of that Computer toy dogs, it's sitting on Yoshikis desk) Is this your pet?


N. So let's talk about got 2.8 million hits in one day. Well that's a lot of hits Yoshiki.

Y: Well, that's a day that we started offering membership.

W: I ... I also checked the massage board, and in one week you had over 6000...

Interruption: Yoshiki...!

Y. Take a message.

N. In one wekk you had over 6000 messages on your message board from all over the world.

Y. I feel blessed.

Inerruption: Yoshiki, ... is on the the line...

Y. I call her back.

N. I mean these messages were from all over the world that I was reading.


Y. Shut up!

N. Oh my god, you always get this many interruptions? One more interruptions and I'm walking out . Oh my god...


N. So let's talk about Violet Uk. What sort of music is it, what are the members?

Y. It's like data noise meets (?) meets ... I don't know, it's hard to explain.Violet Uk is not only music. Of course music is the main part, but there is also fashion and photography involved. I do a lot of (?) interesting things with visuals. It's like a visual shock you know.

N. Are you singing too?

Y. I don't think so. I play the piano and the drums and the guitar and I do a lot of computer programing, but there are vocalists for the band. Of course when I tour, I'm gonna have drummers and instruments.

N. You're gonna tour?

Y. I think so.

N. When and where?

Y. I'm gonna start touring either in Japan or Europe after the album is released.

N. When you're gonna release the album?

Y. Hopefully by early next year.

N. That's great.


N. So Yoshiki, do you have a message for your fans?

Y. Yes. Thank you so much for being supportive. Without your support I would't have come to this scene. Well, I went through a lot of hard times, after X Japan's break up, after my friends death. I was complete lost for almost two years. But I realised that all I can do is music, and music has always been my life and still is. So here I am, thank you again. Let me play the song for my fans, for my friend in heaven, the song is called "Without You".


Yoshiki plays "Without you" on the piano.