Tomoaki Ishizuka
Birthday: 11.04.1965
Birthplace: Chiba

Pata is the second guitar player of X. He always looks a little bit sleepy and dreamy. He loves to show himself with a bottle of whiskey. He keeps himself in the background and he really plays great duetts with hide.
Yoshiki once said that he likes to play tennis, so he must be able to run fast, despite his 'slow' behaviour at stage.

In the early years of X he had a 30 cm high wild colored hair style. He wore teared clothes. Later he changed this into wide trouses and shirts. His hair is naturaly brown and very long now.

He now makes solo music. First he played with Tim Bogart as bass player and James Christian as singer. They had english lyrics. After 2 albums with those musician he founded a band Pata's P.A.F. It's only Pata as guitar player and Nob as singer and various guest musicians.

It is also said that Pata was married, has a daughter and was divorced. This is not official. But he has 2 cats named Kotaro and Kotetsu.

In 2001 Pata founded together with heath (X), D.I.E. (hide with spread beaver) and JO:YA the band Dope Headz. In 2002 verliess JO:YA was replaced with Shame. So far they released 2 albums (Primitive Impulse and Planet of the dope) and 2 singles (Glow and True lies)
He also has a new band called RaIN together with the bassplayer Michiaki.


Here are 2 pictures of Pata playing 2005 in Paris with his band Ra:in.
thanks to Trinh