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December, 26th 2001

First I want to wish everybody a Merry christmas!
There are very good news: Finally there's "The last live" out on Video and DVD!!
"The Last Live", "X JAPAN", "2002.2.21","UNIVERSAL POLYDOR","UPBH-1052(DVD)/UPVH-1052(VHS)", 9429 Yen
More at Tsutaya Online only in Japanese

December, 18th 2001

For all German-speaking people:
There's a nice Visual/JRock Board:

November, 6th 2001

Here's a quick note about X Japan's new Best cd...
We'll see if this stays true upon release....
Catalog No.: UPCH-1122
Media: CDA
Number of Discs/Cassettes: 1
Release Date: 2001/12/19
Price: 3059Yen (24.94 USD)
It's a best of compilation with songs selected by the band's fans through a poll conducted on the internet.
First Press : Expected to come housed in a transparent 'book case.' A sticker is also expected.

October, 3th 2001

Another X Japan best of album is to come!
X JAPAN BEST ALBUM : "2001.12.19", "POLYDOR/UNIVERSAL", "UPCH-1118", Yen 3059
You can vote for the trax you want on this cd here:

September, 26th 2001

It seems that Yoshiki finally wants to release a new single.
There's some info (in Japanese) on

September, 17th 2001

The X Sony videos were released on September, 5th:
Gig, Visual Shock 2, Visual Shock 2.5 (Celebration), Visual Shock 3, Visual Shock 3.5 (Say Anything), and Visual Shock 4 (Verge O. D.)

Here's some information on the new X Japan video, taken from the official X Japan website:
X Japan - Clips II from universal - polydor!
On sale: 2001.10.24

The video contains 11 songs as video clip and "Forever love" recorded at "The last live". Its a preview from the long-awaited "The Last Live VIDEO", which contains the whole concert.
VHS UPVH-1048 YEN 4,800- (including tax)
DVD UPBH-1048 Yen 4,800- (including tax)

September, 17th 2001

The site has moved to a new server which is hopefully faster and which has no banners ^_^
We also have a new address, you now can reach us under and of course still under
If you wonder what happend to the old, the webmaster of this site doesn't have enough time for the site anymore.

August, 25th 2001

I typed up the radioshow in which Toshi explains why he left X Japan. You'll find it at the interviews section.

July, 30th 2001

Hello again!
DOPE HEADZ (Pata, Heath, & INA) have 2 new singles and a full length cd out (finally)..
PRIMITIVE IMPULSE (album) PCCM-21 "?" (single) PCCM-19
TRUE LIES (single) PCCM-20

July, 30th 2001

Hi everyone,
I just heard that YOSHIKI'S new band VIOLET UK has a song on the new X-clusive members disc.
It is called "Blind Dance" and the disc itself includes not the song for your cd player but a "making of" video for the song with it playing in members get a "sneak peak".... I would X-pect that Violet UK's cd is on it's way.... -Chris

Yoshiki wrote this song for the movie "In Gods hands", an American surf movie from 1998. The song is played during a short szene in the movie.

April, 11th 2001

Great news! Polydor is releasing the full (never before heard) Last Live Concert of X Japan on a 3 cd set.
Last Live - "Siago No Yoru" X Japan
2001.05.30, Polydor, UPCH1069,\4762

July, 27th 2001

Live GIG, and VISUAL SHOCK 2-4 were relesed on Japanese dvd this past week

June, 29th 2001

There's a new (unofficial?) X CD. It's called iX (indies X) - Blood & Rose. (JPN-TF-1001)
1. Introduction
2. Dangerous Zone
3. Shadows (~Joker)
4. Light Breeze
5. Rose and Blood
6. Black Devil (~Desperate Angel)
7. Not true? (~Miscast)
8. End of The World (~instrumental demo of Art of Life)
Thanks for the info to the guys from the DahliaForever mailing list, especially "~SIN~"

June, 12th 2001

There's a new release of Forever love!

"Forever Love", "X JAPAN", "2001.7.11", "East West Japan", "AMCM4546", Y1260
1.Forever Love (Single Version)
2.Forever Love (Live Version)
3.Forever Love (Acoustic Version)
4.Forever Love (Last Mix)
5.Special Preview of The Last Live
It appears you get all 3 studio versions, plus a live version (this would either be a UNRELEASED live recording ((^_^ this MAY be likely! --because it is not specific or with a date.)) or the "Last Live" recording...((Atlantic does not own the "Live Live Live" version, that's Polydor' chances are it's new...yet they are borrowing some of Polydors other material here ..aka (last mix) so it still may be the"Live Live Live" version after all...) Plus the Preview of the"Last Live"....which may be a cdrom like "The Last Song" single was. Stay tuned...^_^

Here's some more on that Forever Love MAXI single from CD JAPAN...
"The classic song from X Japan is now known as the favorite of prime minister Koizumi. This reissue contains all different versions of the song. It's in CD-EXtra format containing previously unpublished footage."

May, 22th 2001

There's a new official site of X Japan!!!! (only in Japanese)

XJAPAN -The Last Live- "Forever Love" Special Version on air

April, 11th 2001

Great news! Polydor is releasing the full (never before heard) Last Live Concert of X Japan on a 3 cd set.
Last Live - "Siago No Yoru" X Japan
2001.05.30, Polydor, UPCH1069,\4762

January, 5th 2001

You can watch all 3 7-11 comercials at
<Sorry, the site is removed -_- >

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