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December, 13th 2004

Today would have been hides 40th birthday... Let*s remember him and maybe light a candle for him... I hope he is happy whereever he is now...


November, 7th 2004

Maybe you know the Korean band "The TRAX". They are going to Japan and Yoshiki is producing them. Their first single in Japan will be pubished on December, 15th. The title is "Scorpio" and it will be produced by Yoshiki.
Their website is (korean) and (Japanese).

Source: JmusicEuropa - thanks to Yosh

I'm sorry that I didn't make any updates since July, I try my best. I have a new job now as system programmer (or whatever it is called in English, the German word is "Systementwickler"). I'm really happy about that because it is a "real" job and I even have an unlimited contract but it also means a lot of work... also I want to take the JLPT (only level 4) in December so I have to work hard on my (rather poor) Japanese ^_^
bye Katrin

July, 19th 2004

Hello everybody!
Thank you very much for all the kind wishes for finding a new job. One day before the last day of my contract they decided that they want to keep me and I got my contract renewed so I still have a job. At the moment I try to organise my time a little better and I hope to make more updates here (and finally answer all your mails -_-)

Yesterday I was on a concert of Patti Smith. She is one of my favorite artists (beside X) and it was the first time to see her live. It was really great. She is such a powerfull woman. Unfortunaly I fogot my camera at home, so no pictures.

That's all for now... sorry, I have no X-related news at the moment...
bye Katrin


June, 24th 2004

I fixed the animation skript from the start page today after wanting to do this for several years ^_- and now I'm so happy about it, that it has to be on the welcome page too ^_^ hope you like...
more updates soon....unfortunatly I lost my job, so I should have more time for the website... wish me luck that I find a new job soon, because otherwise I have the time but not the money -_-

May, 2nd 2004

Today it is 6 years that hide died. Let's keep him in our memory.

April, 26th 2004

There's a new hide compilation coming out:
King of Psyborg Rockstar
Release date: 2004/4/28
# UPCH 1351
For details and track list click on the image ->

March, 30th 2004

Well, I'm really sorry that there weren't updates the last time... I moved in a new flat and it's still very chaotic and "strange" for me.
also a great wish of mine comes true: tomorrow I'll fly to Japan for a holiday trip... I hope to be able to make some updates and answer your mail (thanks to all of you who wrote me) when I'm back.... ~Katrin

January, 22nd 2004

I think there won't be many updates in the next weeks since I'm moving....
but I hope to find some time after it...
~ Katrin

Hello X-Freaks!
Well after many many many years, Visual Legends X JAPAN finally get an American CD/DVD RELEASE!!!
Thanks to TOFU records (ala TM Revolution's new American releases) X JAPAN is finally here. It looks like a replica of the X B.O.X. (Best Of X--pre-Dahlia songs) with the dvd minus the karaoke disc. The retail price is only $19.98 for the set! (the dvd is a GREAT bonus for those of us who own the standard Japanese set--remember the dvd should be region 1 for international customers who are interested) The DVD will be the MTV studio/On The Verge Of Destruction live videos for the songs if it is the same as the B.O.X. with the edition of ENGLISH SUBTITLES!
X (JAPAN) ~Best release date: 2.24.04 catalog# tof005
1. Kurenai
2. Joker (live)
3. Blue Blood
4. Endless Rain
5. Miscast
6. Celebration
7. Love Replica
8. Xclamation
9. Week End (live)
10. Silent Jealousy
11. X (live)
12. Say Anything

1. X
2. Kurenai
3. Endless Rain
4. Week End
5. Celebration
6. Silent Jealousy
7. Joker
8. Silent Jealousy
here's the link for a pic & furthur info at Rightsuf for preorder.
~Chris ^_- (finally---I LOVE it!)

January, 1st 2004

A happy new year to everybody!

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