Yoshiki & Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra
Violet UK debut show

I was looking forward to seeing Yoshiki.
But, it was for the first time that I went to Classical Concert. At first, opening was X japan's songs "tears" and "Amthyst". A this point, it had already been impressive, and I was impressed. There was pretty identification with stage and audience. But at this point, Yoshiki had not been appearing on the stage yet. I wondered if when he appeared on the stage.
And next, "The Last Song" is. Performance strike up, some people in front of audience were ferment. And the dark stage was flooded with light. Finally, he appeared on the stage !!! he was playing the piano. Wow, surprise! I was exciting. I cannot help crying, because of I was so happy.
After he was play the piano another song, he returned on backstage. Then,"Longing" and "Forever Love" were. And again, he appeared. This time,glove's new song "seize the light" was played.
Then, he was doing conductor. I had never seen to do such a thing. It was fantastic! And next another, what amazing! Violet UK's a few new songs were played. It was Yoshiki's world that I had never felt. It was new music really clean that fusion of Rock&Classical and on the stage which fusion of sound & light.
After finished, he talked with audience. One of audience made a request for a song "Without You". This song is made for Hide by Yoshiki. He played the piano a little for fans. When he said, "If Toshi came back, I want to release this song." The hall resounded with the clapping of the audience.
And, What surprise again! He played "anniversary" which made for the emperor accession's 10th anniversary commemoration. I was just impressed his piano.
When I thought this was final song, Audience had not been keep chapping still. Of cause, I kept chapping. Then, he came back on the stage, he said, "So, I'm just playing another song." And, It was "Endless Rain". He was play the piano with orchestra and we sang the song. Again, the stage and audience became unify.
It was really fantastic concert.

Many thanks for this report to Aya

Here are 2 pictures, the are from www.sanpo.com