August 1996 FM Fuji - 8th Anniversary Special

I splitted the interview in 2 parts, so that it is not an endless page...


part 1

part 2


DJ. = Interviewer

hide. = hide


DJ. FM Fuji 8th Anniversary Special J's power 96! From now on until 2:30 am we present you the part four with this person. Good afternoon.

hide. Domo. This is hide.

DJ. hide-san, you're working in Japan this time, after a long time absence, aren't you?

hide. Yes.

DJ. Been away from Japan for a while, you may feel relieved to be back. Is there anything you want to do every time you come back to Japan?

hide. I go to a Gyoza restaurant.

DJ. Eh?

hide. There is a Gyoza restaurant where I always go to. I dreamed of going there.

DJ. Is it specialized to Gyoza?

hide. Yes. Ogikubo in Asagaya. I wasn't in Japan in summer the last two years, I was always forced to go back to LA; so I was surprised at the terrible dampness. I was almost melting.

DJ. It must be so in comparison with LA. I heard you have a studio in your house in LA.

hide. It's not a studio, but a room about this size.

DJ.. a about 6 tatami room?

hide. There are hard disk recorders in that room, so it's not a studio, but an ordinary room. When I played loud, there came complaints from upstairs with a hard knock.

DJ. Is the way of complaints the same as that in Japan? We Japanese often knock on the walls and…

hide. Exactly.

DJ. Is that so?

hide. Exactly.

DJ. In Tokyo, do you have such a studio?

hide. Yes. The same kind of room with instruments.

DJ. I'm going to ask you about LEMONed later. LEMONDed is not a studio or is it more a saloon?

hide. LEMONed? LEMONed is only the collection of things I like.

DJ. Well, I'm going to ask a lot about it. MISERY was released in June. Hide-san, I have met you before when you released the first solo album. I think your situation in your work changed, compare MISERY with the last solo works. For example, if you're making a movie, there is a producer and a performer, and you were at the producers side before, but now you're half producer and half performer.

hide. It must be right. The vocals. Indeed I recorded the bass by using computer programms before, but I played the bass myself this time, so I don't have to care aobut vocals. I don't have time to care about it or … I'll be in a fix if my mind is dominated by vocals, so I have to devide myself into four, as a producer, as a vocalist, as a bassist and as a guitarist. And I have to do it in a very short time, so I want to make things that I think good or I want to do it before they run away from me. I have less time to think than before, I'm telling myself 'Do it before you think'.

DJ. You are 100% absorbed in the things you are doing at the time, so your ability to concentrate is very good now.

hide. The result is…

part 2