August 1996 FM Fuji - 8th Anniversary Special

I splitted the interview in 2 parts, so that it is not an endless page...


part 1

part 2



DJ. = Interviewer

hide. = hide


DJ. Though it must to hard for you physically. For listeners, I think it resulted that they can feel the tension that must be hard to feel usually from a cd. After you finished your first solo works, do you have your own subject to do next?

hide. In fact, I was going to start the next album as soon as I 'd finished the first solo album, but I wanted to work on X, so I decided to work on X last year and gave up my solo works. I was working on solo works at home and make a lot of demo tapes. They were only the things to show to my friends, saying 'Is this good?' I met with a band called Zeppet Store and there were a lot of things that have passed by me while I was absent minded. I wasn't searching something of reality. I didn't want to do something.

DJ. It's been about 2 years and a half?

hide. I noticed it.

DJ. It doesn't seem to be such a long time ago…

hide. I'm also surprised to see my own advertisment. I only thought why we are… we X are so…

DJ. But, what is it? It's very strange. As for Yoshiki-san, it seems that we have been waiting and waiting, then we hear him. But hide-san seems to be always bringing as something. The impressions on you two are completely different! Of course you released solo singles and play with others as guitarist, but it's strange because you're in the same band!

hide. But as for Yo-chan, he has to control and organise the band X Japan. He has to control a lot of people including me, so he probably hesitates.

DJ. It is lovely to hear you call him Yo-chan. It sounds very friendly. This time, as I mentioned about a performer and a producer, according to a rumour, you are taking lessons at vocal training in LA.

hide. Not in LA but in Japan. I go to the same trainer who teaches Toshi-kun.

DJ. According to Toshi-san, you were taking more lessons than him.

hide. Toshi-kun always complains to me that he can't make a reservation because of me.

DJ. The schedule?

hide. Yes, it's very rude of him!

DJ. It's probably because you wanted to make it in perfectly with 100% concentration and tension as a vocalist.

hide. In other words, I still don't know what it is to be a vocalist. So it doesn't take any longer to let me do it than to let me think.

DJ. You're an active person.

hide. You better let me do it or… I can't control myself. I can't decide how to sing (?) It's better to drive myself into a corner, saying 'You don't have much time! You only have two hours left to sing. What would you do? And it's a single. How many people do you think are going to listen to it?' Otherwise I always watch TV.

DJ. Well, now we are going to listen to the single released in June. Please hide-san, introduce it.

hide. Well, MISERY.

DJ. Now I tell you about a present. We'll present hide's original telephone cards with his autograph to five of you. hide-san, are these pictures called artist photos of Misery? They are full of sharp charm, though hide-san was of course beautiful before.

hide. I wear heavy make-up.

DJ. Those who want these telephone cards please send your applications by fax. The number's…..

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