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Here are some pictures I took during the last years... I hope you like them... Critics are welcome ^_^

Oh, and note on the equipment used:
Most pictures are taken with an Pentax ME, some with Pentax MX. My favorite lens is the Takumar 3.5/35mm (M42 Screwmount with Adaptor), I got it just 3 months ago right in time for the Japan trip; and the Zenitar 16mm Fisheye.
In 2002 I bought a digital P&S, a Pentax Optio S. It is very small so it became my "carry always with you"-Camera, I use it mainly for snapshots.

Japan September 2005

My second trip to Japan was in 2005... there are only a few of the digicam pics uploaded so far... there is more to come.

Japan April 2004

In 2004 one of my dreams came true and I had the chance to travel to Japan with a friend and her father. It was a very exciting holiday. We spent about 2 weeks in Japan. Most of the time we were in the Tokyo area, but we also spent 4 days in Kyoto.

Norway 2004

You find a few black/white pictures of my trip to Norway in 2004 there.

Interrail trip to Scandinavia 2002

These pictures are from our Interrail Tour through Scandinavia in summer 2002 (most time was spent in Norway).
I know that these pictures aren't verye good. I had the problem that the battery in my MX was empty, so I bought a new one, but the meter still didn't work -_- I thought something was wrong with the camera, but decided to take pictures anyway... so all the pictures are with 1/100s and a guessed apperture (It happened on the first day on the trip).
I mainly uploaded the pictures because I wanted to share them with some friends.
Oh, and in the end I discovered that my camera was working well, but the guy in the photostore had sold me a non-working battery -_-

Vinschgau/Val Venosta 2002

These Pictures are from a hiking holiday trip to south tyrol in summer 2002. We also visited a garden show with a japanese garden and all kind of wonderful plants.

USA 2000

Finally some older pictures form my trip to New York in 2000. We did also a little round trip to Niagara Falls and Washington.


Here are different pictures, my first pictures with my cool fisheye ^_- and others!

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