Paul, Paula, Emily, Hopsi, Bonnie, der Zwerg

Since April 2005 I have rabbits. First there were 2, Paul and Paula. They came from an animal shelter.
In July 2005 Emily (or Emi) moved in. She came from a laboratory and needed a lot of time to get used to people and running around and to "normal" life.
Paula was very ill, he died on 20th of December, 2005. Since Paul was stressed by living with young Emi in January 2006 Hopsi and Bonnie moved in. They also came from an animal shelter.
Bonnie died in November 2006 because of an tumor in his lungs.

The first animal I had as an adult was Tinu, a dsungarian dwarf hamster. He died after 2 years and 2 months this February of old age. After that Elsa moved in, alsa a dsungarian dwarfhamster.



Paula †
Bonnie †


Tinu †

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