name: Herr Paul Mümmel

nickname: Paul, Paulchen, Schnuff, Schnarchnase...

birthday: 15.6.1998

moved in: April 2005

favorite food: corn, brocoli, leaves of cabbage turnip and a lot more

wight: ca. 2,2 kg

In 2005 I decided to get a pet. I read about different animals and decided to geht a rabbit or rather two rabbits because rabbits are family animals and they need a partner. I looked through the websites of the different animal shelters and then a saw a picture of Paul and read his discription... he was an old rabbit, already in the shelter for half a year and he liked being cuddled. So I went there and it was love at first sight ^_-. So he and his friend Paula moved in.

I go to the same vet like the owners of Paul used to go so I know his story. He was in one family for nearly 7 years. For some reasons at some time he got inconvinient and he was brought to the vet too euthanize because he was so old and would die anyway. As far as I know he was not seriously ill, he had a long history of fungal skin infection. When he came to me he only had an eczema at the chin. After a lot of tests and hearing opinions of different vets we decided that it must be a chronical inflammation because he has a large jowl and always lies on it, so it is warm and sweaty and can't heals properly. We also found an ointment which helps.

I'm very happy with Paulchen and he is my "Knuddelkaninchen".. he loves being cuddled and sometimes sits on my lap for hours. When I go into the kitchen he is close behind me in hope of getting something to eat...

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