NHKFM Music Square 17.10.96

I splitted the interview in parts, so that it is not an endless page...

part 1

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DJ. = Interviewer

y. = Yoshiki

hi. = hide

t. = Toshi

p. = Pata

he. = Heath


DJ. Nakamura Takako presents you 'Music Square'. From now on tonights guest appears, X Japan.
Good evening!

X Japan. Good evening!

DJ. I thought there weren't all of you, but all of the members are present. As we did last time, to help listeners to imagine the situation, according to the seating order... in front of me...

hi. Good evening, hide です.

DJ. hide-sama came to this programm on the other day. Thank you very much. And next to him.

p. Good evening. I'm called Pata.

DJ. I'm called Nakamura. Nice to see you. And next to him...

y. hide です.

DJ. There are two hide-sans? You look like Yoshiki-san to me. And next to him...

t. Toshi です.

DJ. Ah, Yoshiki-san said "Ah", which means why don't you say that you're hide? All of us should have become hide. And next to him...

he. Heath です.

DJ. All the members came here. First of all, let's listen to a song. I'd like the composer of this song to introduce it. hide-san, please.

hi. Yes.


DJ. From the new album "Dahlia" of X Japan you've listened to "Scars".
Tonight, all of X Japan' came here, and it's very unusual, as you said before, that all 5 of you attend to a radio program. Please, this is a radio program, so thay can't see you nodding with a smile!
Now let me introduce the letters. There are a lot of letters worried about Yoshiki-san.
From "The Dahlia in my garden bloomed at last"-san in Fuku. She writes "Yo-chan is healthy, isn't he? I went to your concert for the first time, and after I had shed a lot of tears of emotion for about two weeks, I shed a lot of tears of grief. So I'm very happy to hear Yo-chan recovered. Moreover, the album was completed, so this is the best year!".
From Masako-chan in Nigata writes, "I went to your concert in February, and on that very day Yoshiki fell down. I'm so sorry that I cried out, 'Please come back.', though you were hurt. Did you hear us calling the names of the members again and again? I was really pleased when you appeared again on the stage. Thank you very much!"
There are a lot of letters worrying about Yoshiki-sans body. Are you are alright now?

y. No, not yet. But yes...

DJ. How much? You may not be able to say you're 100% alright, but...

y. About this...

DJ. About this.... again... This is a radio program! Now "about this" was about 40 cm long.

y. Well I haven't played drums yet, but I'm doing muscle training to get muscles to support my neck bones. Toshi-kun? You better explain it.

t. Why do I have to to?

DJ. Why Toshi-san? Did you introduce him to the trainer or...?

y. It's hard to speak.

t. Is it hard for you to speak?

y. You are a professional in speaking.

t. Why am I a professional in speaking?

DJ. Toshi-san, are you?

t. No, I'm not.

y. The other members talk a lot, but I...

t. Is that so?

y. I talk a lot usually.

t. Um...

DJ. You don't speak on the radio much.

y. I can't speak in public because I'm shy.

DJ. But, if I ask Toshi-san how you are or where you are hurt, it's difficult for him to answer.

y. He knows about my body well.

DJ. Do you?

t. Every nook and cranny of his body.

DJ. Are you of one heart and mind?

t. I've seen it all.

y. No, no, no. That's too exaggerated.

t. Yes.

DJ. So you are in rehabilitation, building up your body?

y. Yes I am.

part 2