NHKFM Music Square 17.10.96

I splitted the interview in parts, so that it is not an endless page...

part 1

part 2

part 3


DJ. = Interviewer

y. = Yoshiki

hi. = hide

t. = Toshi

p. = Pata

he. = Heath


DJ. There are some questions to each member of the band. Though we stray from the subject, the album, please answer the questions.
There is a question to Pata-san, with a Pata-san portrait.

p. You've taken me wrong.laughs

DJ. From Watarie in Ibaragi "I've read in a magazine that you bought a little cat recently, kotaro-kun. What kind of cat is Kataro-kun? I can't imagine nothing but a gray striped cat. I want to see them, Kotetsu and Kotaro."
Pata-san says "Kotaro, Kotaro, where are you?" and on the back of the picture, she draw Kotaro, too, saying "Mew, I'm here, father Pata."

p. Ha, ha, ha...

DJ. What color is he? What kind of cat is he?

p. It's gray...

DJ. No stripes?

p. A little.

DJ. Stripes...? dark color in it?

p. No, whiter, white stripes...

DJ. Is that so? It's an American Shorthair?

p. Ah.... it's probably corssbread. When I (??????) where I picked him up.

DJ. You didn't pick him up.

p. I bought him.

DJ. In a pet shop?

p. Yes.

DJ. There is a question to Toshi-san.
From Morita Yumi-chan in Tokyo..... Is she a school girl? "How can you sing in such a high tone? Please tell me the hang of it. I'm always told not to sing in a (???) How can I correct it?"
I don't understand "????" very much. Maybe she can't sing rightly, and she sings at her throat?

y. Sing from you stomach.

t. Yes.

DJ. From your stomach? So you have to strengthen your abdominal muscle?

y. You have to strenghten your abdominal muscle.

DJ. Yoshiki-san answers

t. As for vocal: Yoshiki

DJ. You're so convivient each other, we can ask either of you.

y. & t. いえ、いえ、れんな

DJ. When you were recording, are there anything you take care of about your throat?

y. Well, yes.

DJ. laughs

t. It's my throat. I leave it to him.

DJ. You leave your throat to him? How?

y. Don't eat much food made from milk.

DJ. Don't drink too much milk?

y. Don't eat much pizza, either.

DJ. Is that so? Really?
I see.

y. And don't sing for a long time.

t. laughs

DJ. Was it someone who had a lot of trouble about his voice while recording before. This time you...

t. Yoshiki-san must have studied a lot.

DJ. For you throat, thinking about vocals.

t. Yes.

y. For Toshi

DJ. For Toshi-san.

t. For me, he did it.

DJ. Learned abdominal breathing?
Then, there is a question to Heath-san. From Kei-chan in Aichi. "Why are you so thin? You look thiner than you were when you joined X. My body isn't tight."

y. laughs

he. Why am I?

DJ. You are not on a diet especially?

y. Well, no...

DJ. laughs You know about Heath-sans body too. Even the reason why he doesn't get weight.

he. I've been in the figure from a long time ago. I won't get much weight, even if I eat a lot.

DJ. You eat a lot of sweets?

he. Yes.

DJ. I envy you.
Then next, this is from Keith in Aichi. "I have a question to ask to Yoshiki-kun. You said in a TV show that you wanted to try skydiving, but you're scared. Have you ever tried it? Do you have any plan to do it?"

y. Have you?

DJ. laughs Whom are you asking?

t. I haven't tried yet.

DJ. You haven't tried yet?

y. I was told that it is bad for my neck.

DJ. Of course it is! It reqires a lot of strength.

y. I'll take Toshi and have him dive for me.

DJ. You are of one heart and mind, so Yoshiki-san can feel how it is to dive from the sky. Then, it means, Toshi-san you have to do it; sky-diving!

t. Yes. If Yoshiki tells me so.

DJ. If he tells you?

y. And hide, too.

DJ. hide-sanm you too... sky-diving for him?

hi. Please leave me alone...

y. I'll have everyone dive one after another. laughs

DJ. And from hide-chans laughter in (hyoge???)

DJ. Everybody is present. I'm very happy. When you all came last year and when hide-chan came the other day, you said taht hide-san won't take of his clothes. I'd like to know the reason. Is there any reason why you won't let the members see you nude? You said so last year, and the other day. You also said that you swim with you long sleeve shirt on. Is there any reason?

hi. Politness is not just for strangers.

DJ. "Politness is not just for strangers"??? To reveil your nude is not polite?

hi. We've been together for a very long time, so there remains few secrets among us. This is the last fort.

to be contionued