NHKFM Music Square 17.10.96

I splitted the interview in parts, so that it is not an endless page...

part 1

part 2

part 3


DJ. = Interviewer

y. = Yoshiki

hi. = hide

t. = Toshi

p. = Pata

he. = Heath


DJ. You got suntanned.

y. Yes. I'm training outdoors, wait a minute, at a pool site, and I swim, too.

DJ. So you're suntanned. There are also a lot of letters asking about your new album: From "Yoshiki-san" in Aichi. "Though the title of the album is Dahlia, I've read in a magazine that Yoshiki-san didn't like Dahlia because it took a lot of time and that he he intended not to release the single, but why are there Dahlia-Tour and a new album Dahlia. I think it's a very good song, though it is very different from the previous X-sound. I think it's great."
From A.S.Y.-san in Ichikawa, "Please tell me how the members felt when you first heard the title from Yoshiki-san."
So, Yoshiki-san named it Dahlia?

y. Yes.

DJ. Did you say that you didn't like it?

y. It depends on the circumstances.

DJ. How do you like Dahlia today?

y. I don't care.

DJ. You don't care? Will it be played today? No it won't.

y. It won't be played today? So, I don't care anymore.

DJ. Don't say such a thing! There might be some people who like this song the best. So, the members, do you remember where you heard the title would be Dahlia? hide-san?

y. I told you, didn't I?

hi. Where did I hear it?

y. You heard in in Japan. I told you in Japan.

DJ. When you heard that...

y. At a studio in Rappongi.

hi. Is that so?

DJ. "Is that so?" Don't you remember? Did you tell them all at the same time?

y. Yes, probably. Toshi is.... Toshi is always absent.

t. Why?

DJ. Why? He is not the member who was not here a while ago.

y. Toshi always comes late.

t. Excuse me.

DJ. Is that so? Maybe I made a mistake in meomrizing the names of the members.

y. He troubles us.

DJ. That can't be true. How about you, Pata-san? When you heard that the title would be Dahlia, did you expect it?

p. It's like "Is that so?"

DJ. It's released as a single CD, and it's not the latest single. Didn't you feel strange?

p. No, not at all.

y. You don't care.

DJ. Oh, no.

p. Probably I don't care. (??????)

DJ. Well, I ask you what is the most important part of this album, concerning with your own songs, or your own instrumental parts, or the most difficult parts... anything is ok. How about you, Heath-san? Which part do you want your fans to listen to?

he. All of them.

DJ. Please don't stop here! Go ahead!

y. All of them...

DJ. And...?

y. Period

DJ. Don't put a period here! and...?

he. Personaly, I and Pata-chan made a song.

DJ. You made a song together.

he. Yes.

DJ. Did you build it up together?

he. Yes.

DJ. Did you go to a studio together?

he. Yes. We made it in my room.

DJ. Oh, Pata-san went to Heath-san's room.

he. Yes.

DJ. How did you make it? Did you play together?

p. How did you make it, Mr Morie? laughs

he. It's not like that. I made most of the song and then asked Pata-san to come and play some guitars on it.

DJ. There is a song, a rather short one. How about you, Toshi-san? Did you have difficulties in recording vocals in some songs?

t. I can't specify the names of the song, but I'd be happy if you'll listen to every nock an cranny of the album.

DJ. You also made a song with hide-san.

t. Yes.

DJ. Did you make it in anybodys house?

t. We made it in hide-chans studio, in his house.

DJ. How about you, Yoshiki-san? What is the most important part of this album?

y. Well, I don't care about it after coming to this point.

DJ. But you've taken five years to make it!

y. I've listened to it about 1000 times.

DJ. You say so, after you've listened to it about a 1000 times already.

y. As for vocal recording, I've been listening to Toshi's voice everyday.

t. so he hates my voice.

DJ. laughs

y. Don't speak in front of me.

t. Yes, he always scolds me.

DJ. I'm sorry... You don't want to listen to that voice for a while. But for your fans they have been waiting for five year, so they feel that they have been waiting and waiting.
How about you Pata-san? What is the most important part of this album? Where do you especially push? Are there stories to tell?

p. You can push whereever you like.

DJ. Whereever we like?

p. It doesn't matter to me a lot.laughs

DJ. How about you, hide-san?

hi. It's too funny. laughs

DJ. All of you attend here today...

hi. The leader of the band is present today, so I've been listening silenty wondering what the policy would be, but everybody...

y. ...doesn't care.

DJ. Then, hide-san, please tell us straight what is the most important part of this album.

hi. I don't care.

DJ. It's like a punch-line of a story. It's like stand-up comedy.

hi. Because we are a band, so "Dress right!"

DJ. Is it "Dress right"?
No please listen to a song. This time, as a vocalist, Toshi-san, please introduce this song.

t. Yes.

y. Pronounce it correctly.

t. Crucify my love.

y. Thank you.

to be contionued