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December, 25th 2002

We want to wish everybody a merry Xmas and happy holidays!
Katrin and Chris

December, 21st 2002

Aya wrote a report about Yoshiki's concert.

December, 5th 2002

Some pics from Yoshikis concert:

December, 3rd 2002

Some new releases:
X JAPAN "Trance X","2002.12.04","UNIVERSAL POLYDOR","UPCH-1206(CD)"
X-Japan's first remix album with tracks selected by Yoshiki.
Remixed by both Japanese and overseas engineers.

1.Silent Jealousy (Phil Reynolds And Steve Blake Remix)
2.Kurenai (Taka & Moz Mix Edit)
3.Scars (Nuw Idols "Scars To Enlightenment Mix"
4.Art Of Life (Stephane. K Remix)
5.Dahlia (Umek "Recycled" Remix)
6.Rusty Nail (Oliver Ho Remix)
7.Tears (Valentino Kanzyanzi's Breakbeat Mix)
8.Crucify My Love (Mr.Bishi Remix)
9.Longing (Jk Theory "Hard Trace" Remix)
10.Standing Sex (Wm Ptamigan Remix)
11.Endless Rain (DJ Tokunaga Remix)

X JAPAN "DAHLIA The Video: Visual Shock 5 Part 1 & 2","2002.12.04","UNIVERSAL POLYDOR","UPBH-1064(DVD)
Compiles both "Dahlia The Video 1 & 2 on an official dvd.

X JAPAN "DAHLIA Tour Final","2002.12.04","UNIVERSAL POLYDOR","UPBH-1065/6 Official 2 disc-dvd set of "DAHLIA TOUR FINAL 1996" filmed on December 31, 1996 at Tokyo Dome, originally released on video in 1997.

November, 25th 2002

First, thanks to everybody who wrote me about the Parco website.
I've learned that Yoshiki made two comercials for Parco which can be viewed at the site. You can watch them at
You find also some pictures under Making of the film. The girl in the film seems to be Sara, the singer of Violet Uk. So she is probably with him in Japan now, since there is also the concert soon.

November, 24th 2002

Slightly off topic: Tetsuya Komuro, a popular musician and producer of a number of gold records, and Keiko Yamada, a vocalist in his group "globe," cut into a cake during their wedding reception in Tokyo on Friday.

November, 24th 2002

News of Yoshiki I don't know whats it about since the page is in Japanese (maybe someone can enlight me??) but the page has some very nice pictures ^_^

I just want to say thank you to everybody who mails me with questions or informations... I will try to answer, but it may take some time since I have a lot of work at the moment with my studies. That's also the reason why there aren't an huge updates at the moment. But I promise that I finsh the members section when I have more time again and I also have some more interviews, lyrics and some more surprises... So please be patient, there is more to come....
Katrin aka XScars

October, 18th 2002

from the extasy records BBS
the song for the Aichi expo is online, with the score and lyrics too:
thanks to kirua ^_^

October, 15th 2002

Hey X-Freaks!
Yoshiki has some BIG news going on! ^_^

New Maxi-Single:
GLOBE: Seize The Light
cat# AVCG-71032
this is the song made for the Japanese broadcast of the James Cameron American show "Dark Angel!"

New Concert:
Symphonic Concert ~This is the beginning of the Violet UK 2003 launch!
piano: Yoshiki
vocal: Violet UK (who I've been told her name is Sara....)
performance: Tokyo City Philharmonic

translated statement:
It's only the beginning...
As before, this live show is in the classical style which is the musical roots of YOSHIKI. YOSHIKI sees the real restarting of his music in 2003. The numerous impressive melodies which are produced for this show is released with collaboration of the orchestra. It is a magnificant revison, of his famous musical work, and long-awaited Violet UK unpublished song of " X JAPAN ", with participation of the vocalist of Violet UK together for a new start in musical history. Promised to echo with the a similar feel, it is now the time to share, the dream of YOSHIKI which this is the 1st step to discover the new history which has the expectation that makes it now a reality. ^_^

Day and time: December 3rd (Tuesday), 4 days (Wednesday)
Opening place 17:30
Raising the curtain 19:00
Meeting place: Tokyo international forum Entrance A
Fee: All the seat appointments (consumption including tax)
S seat Yen 10,000, A seat Yen 7,500, B seat Yen 5,500, C seat Yen 4,000
General sale day: 10/26 (Saturday)
From 10/12 Yomiuri Shimbun Company morning edition announcement
translated by BF and Chris. ^_^
~Chris ^_-

October, 1st 2002

Hey there X -Freaks!!!!!!
Well, it happened at last, there was talk about it back in 1997, and now one of my requests for a new X Japan CD has finally here!
release date: 12.4.02
catalog #: UPCH1206
tracklist: (hand selected by YOSHIKI) 1. Art Of Life (part 1) / Stephen K.
2. Longing / JK Theory
3. Scars / Nu Idol (Scars To Enlightenment)
4. Crucify My Love / Mr. Bishi
5. Art Of Life (part 2) /Stephen K.
6. Standing Sex / Wmptarmigan
7. Endless Rain / DJ Tokunaga

Short, but hopefully TOO SWEET.....

Also being released fo the first time on the same date on Japanese DVD (region 2):
X JAPAN: DAHLIA THE VIDEO release date: 12.4.02 catalog #:UPBH1064
X JAPAN: DAHLIA TOUR FINAL release date: 12.4.02 catalog #: UPBH1065

GLOBE (with new member Yoshiki)
NEW RELEASE: (features "Say Anything")
GLOBE: Global Trance 2
released on 9.26.02
A great way to end off the year...^_-

September, 8th 2002

News of Toshi, unfortunately only in Japanese, so I don't understand it. It seems he gives a christmas concert in an hotel. There's also a picture....
thanks to oliver

September, 7th 2002

Yoshiki had joined the band Globe. The leader of globe is Tetsuya Komuro, they already worked together in the project V2 in 1991.
You can watch at a version of Say Anything with Yoshiki and Globe at

This is a message which users of Yoshiki mobile received

Dearest X Japan Fans:
I really care about you, because without your support I could not have lived. Because of you, I am still able to continue as an artist, so don't worry, I'm still Yoshiki, still X Japan's Yoshiki. The spirit runs in my blood, whatever I do and wherever I am. I'll do my best to create music that is meaningful. Also, I am continuously working on Violet UK because Violet UK will be my second project since X Japan, and also the last project in my lifetime.
Meanwhile, let me enjoy globe. They are friends of mine and I would like to support them as much as I can. This may sound a little too selfish, but I have been working on Violet UK sohard, and for such a long time, I've gotten lost in it many times.
But my fans, I mean you guys, and your warm words made me find the light whenever I was lost. That is why I could keep working on Violet UK till this day. I think the goal is near, but who knows, because the producer is me, "Yoshiki." This guy can't compromise when it comes to his music. Do you understand what I'm talking about? I've been fighting inside because there are several "Yoshikis" in me. But in the end, I will let him bring you music that is beautiful and beyond outrageous, wheter it will be popular or not. So please wait another 10 yearsˇ¦.. I'm joking. I hope that day will come sooner, maybe even early next year. By the time I finish Violet UK, I would love to visit the countries where my fans are. I can't wait to see you, because I love you, I love you all.
thanks to black_lady

Musician Yoshiki loses Y4 mil in car theft
TOKYO - The leader of the disbanded popular rock band X Japan had 4 million yen in cash and other items stolen from his car in a parking lot in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward, police said Thursday.
The police said the car's rear windows had been broken between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. Monday. The 36-year-old Yoshiki, whose real name is Yoshiki Hayashi, was attending a business meeting at a nearby restaurant, his talent agency said." - (Kyodo News)
more at:

August, 16th 2002

I guess Yoshiki has a new cellphone campain going on called YOSHIKIMOBILE which has X Japan melodies as the ringer...
Also he did YOSHIKI ARTS which is classic X Japan photos of him with X Japan song titles as the picture headings..., there's a link.

There's also a new Dope Headz album with the new vocalist Shame:
Planet of the Dope - Dope HEADz
Catalog No.: PCCM-23
Media: CDA
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2002/07/24
Price: 2310Yen(19.53 USD)

more at
thanks to krua fab

There's also a short video about Yoshiki presenting Dahlia's new song.

July, 18th 2002

In March Yoshiki was at a party with the Hilton Sisters and other celebrities...

July, 4th 2002

new hide album!
hide SINGLES - Junk Story [Initial pressing limited edition] hide
* Catalog No.: UPCH-9036
* Media: CDA
* Number of discs (or other units): 1
* Release Date: 2002/07/24
* Price: 3200Yen(26.51 USD)
The ultimate compilation of hide's singles. Expected to include "In Motion (working title)" that came out on July 10, 2002. The song was recorded by the tour band members from the period hide wrote it, including I.N.A, PATA, KIYOSHI, CHIROLYN, D.I.E, and JOE, with the vocal track made by hide before his untimely death. Also includes a previously unpublished demo version of "Electric Cucumber. First Press : Special packaging/casing, sleeve cover featuring a previously unpublished photo, a specially designed lyrics sheet/card

new hide single!
Catalog No.: UUCH-5065 Media: CDA
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2002/07/10
Price: 1100Yen(9.09 USD)
hide's previously unpublished track! I.N.A. and co. has completed the song created by the genius. Expected to include a remixed version of the title track, or a demo version.

June, 3rd 2002

Here are some news of Toshi and some new pictures...

Sorry, that there aren't so many updates recently, I don't have a good internet connection at the moment because the German post office isn't able to deliver the dates I need... -_-

May, 16th 2002

Yoshiki is on the cover of the Japanese magazine uv (Ultra veat).

Yoshiki talks about the Last Live and its release on DVD/Video and also about Violet UK. The issue has also a report about hide and the release of the new LEMONed Remix album, and there's something about Dope Headz, it seems the have a new vocalist (Shame ??).
You can find a bit more at
thanks to Black Lady

April, 22th 2002

News about Yoshiki:
Yoshiki asked to Compose Theme Song for the Exposition of Global Harmony
YOSHIKI commented, "I aspire to make a wonderful piece of music through which we can show the significance of our love for the earth and nature to the entire world."
More at

April, 20th 2002

There are some new interviews...

Here's the latest on yet another new HIDE release...
* Catalog No.: UUCH-1052
* Media: CDA
* Number of discs (or other units): 1
* Release Date: 2002/05/22
* Price: 2500Yen(19.01 USD)
Topnotch Trance artists have remixed hide's classics. Artists include ELECTRIC TEASE, SYNTHETIC, EAT STATIC, et al. First Press : special feature/bonus available (All details, including bonus features, are subject to change by publisher without prior notice.)

April, 18th 2002

Ok, I couldn't sleep, so you'll get the discussionboard today... It's not entirely ready, there will be some changes in design and not everything works yet...but
well, here's the link, just try it...

April, 17th 2002

I've found an unofficial Englisch Mirror site of the official X Japan website. Here's the link:

A lot of you ask for a discussion forum on this site and so started to search for one. I found a good one but I think I need some time for customizing...

April, 3rd 2002

I've started to update the members section... frist are hide and Yoshiki

April, 2nd 2002

On you can watch a video from Yoshiki presenting the last live DVD.

And it seems that there is something going on with Violet UK. At least can you sign up for an email newsletter on

March, 19th 2002

It seems the last live video and DVD is now coming out on March, 29th. More at CDJapan

March, 16th 2002

First I want to say thank you to all the people who sign the guestbook or send emails. You help a lot and I realize that it's worth to put so much time in this site ^_^
I have a lot more lyrics and translation which I want to upload as soon as I find the time to transform them into html thanks to Orphen for sending the lyrics

Hey all here's the latest on an UP-IN-COMING HIDE cd.
hide LEMONed Compilation - Cafe Le PSYENCE V.A. * Catalog No.: TOCT-24809
* Media: CDA
* Number of Discs/Cassettes: 1
* Release Date: 2002/05/16
* Price: 3059Yen(23.49 USD)
2002 marks the 5th anniversary of hide's passing away. His artist mates have gathered around beyond the boundary of labels for this album. Includes the X classic "MISCAST" which hide wrote for himself, and "Hello, Good-bye," a previously unpublished song which was originally given copies only to fanclub members. A must for hide fans.

And some more good news, you can download the video of Abandoned Pools with Yoshiki in it at

March, 12th 2002

For all of you who have MTV & MTV2 watch for Extasy's band ABANDONED POOLS new video "The Remedy", you'll see a couple of cameos by our boy and their producer YOSHIKI. (Probably only MTV America)

February, 24rd 2002

You can find a transcription of an interview with Yoshiki in the interview section...

February, 23rd 2002

Yoshiki visited the presentation of Microsofts XBox in Japan. It seems he played a racing game against Bill Gates.

February, 20th 2002

I want to add more sections to this site and I need your help!
It's difficult to find CDs and stuff of X Japan so I want to make a list of shops around the world. So if you know a shop where you get X Japan stuff (a real shop or an online store) so please tell me!
I'm also looking for scanned magazine articles and English translations of articles! I want to put up an archive where everybody can read them. Of course the credits would go to you....

January, 18th 2002

First post in the new year 2002! I hope everybody had a good start into it...
There's a new German JRock-Forum: J-Board

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