NHKFM Music Square

I splitted the interview in 4 parts, so that it is not an endless page...

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Dec. '95

DJ. = Interviewer

y. = Yoshiki

hi. = hide

t. = Toshi

p. = Pata

he. = Heath


DJ. Nakamura Takako presents 'Music Square'. From now on, I'm sorry to have kept you waitong, X Japan Fans, X Japan appears! Good evening.

X Japan. Good evening!

DJ. Low voices echoed. All of the members really attend here! To help you imagine the situation, I'll explain the positions. In front of me, please...

hi. Good evening, this is hide.

DJ. Nice to see you.

hi. Nice to see you.

DJ. Then next?

t. This is Toshi, good evening.

DJ. Nice to see you.

t. Nice to see you.

DJ. Toshi, you have been to this program, music square, before?

t. Yes, a few times.

DJ. Then next?

p. This is Pata. Nice to see you.

DJ. Then across the table, in front of him...

he. This is Heath. Nice to see you.

DJ. Nice to see you. Then next?

y. This is Yoshiki.

DJ. And me. We all gather around like you do at a meeting. Today, is it the first time on the radio?

t. Yes,, it's not the first time, but...

DJ. Five of you?

t. One of us didn't speak. He didn't speak on the radio.

DJ. Is that the man who is sitting next to me? The man called Yoshiki? Why?

y. I became nervous.

DJ. But you speak on TV?

y. So, I think I spoke too much recently, ....a little....

DJ. Ha, ha, ha...

y. ...a little....I'll stop!

DJ. So, this is the first time on the radio that the voice of all the five members are broadcasted. You fans, please enjoy this program. Well, first at all, the first song....I asked the members to introduce the songs today, Yoshiki-san named these three members, saying that they're professionals in speaking, so hide-san please introduce this song...

hi. Well, X Japan - 'Rusty Nail'

DJ. You've listened to X Japan's 'Rusty Nail'. Tonight, hide introduced this number. Did you came back to Japan separately?

y. Yes. Are there anyone who came back together?

hi. Well...I....ah...

DJ. Who was the first?

y. Three of you? Together? Um?

hi. I've been here for a month.

y. hide was the first?

hi. Yes.

DJ. Hide was the first.

hi. I've been waiting for the others to come back.

DJ. Ha, ha, ha...

y. What about you Pata?

DJ. Since a month ago...?

p. I came back with Heath.

he. Yes.

DJ. Is that the second team?

p. Is it?

he. Yes.

t. I came back next.

DJ. And there's no need to ask. The last one is Yoshiki, isn't it?

hi. I knew by reading a newspaper!

DJ. You knew by reading a newspaper? ha, ha...

y. Everybody...

DJ. The other members know that he's come back by reading a newspaper...?

y. Everybody went home leaving me a lot of work!

DJ. haha...

y. You have to think of the person who left alone!

DJ: The reason why Yoshiki-san came back late is that you were recording.

y. Yes, everybody played and ran away!

DJ. Everybody played, struck, sang and ran away. So, coming back a month earlier, hide-san, what were you doing?

hi. I suffer from jet-lag badly, so I came back earlier for preventation.

DJ. You take one month to recover!

hi. I spent vacantly.

DJ. And after staying in Japan like this, then you go back to America....You'll take a month to recover again?

hi. Yes, it's a waste.

DJ. A waste...ha ha....So, you'll go back to America first?

hi. I'll go back earlier, and....

y. Um??...You always come late!

hi. I always waste a month!

DJ. So you're in good health now.

hi. Yes.

DJ. Toshi-san, how did you spent this time in Japan?

t. I...uh....I spent quietly.

DJ. Quietly? Have you gone out to drink or see your friends?

t. I haven't seen any friends yet.

DJ. I meet you alone and do some interviews when you come back to Japan. Your schedule is really tight!

t. But...

DJ. You seem to be very busy.

t. No, not at all.

DJ. If you're not busy, wveryone in the world in not busy at all!

t. Yoshiki-san is much more busier...!

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