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I splitted the interview in 4 parts, so that it is not an endless page...

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Dec. '95

DJ. = Interviewer

y. = Yoshiki

hi. = hide

t. = Toshi

p. = Pata

he. = Heath


DJ. You've listened to X Japan's 'Longing' They've talked about the tour a little. The tour started last month, andit will alst on and off untill  next March. Could you tell us the highlights of the tour , according to the individual instruments or as X Japan. Today, because of the situation of your seat, every question starts with you hide-san.

hi. Oh...? Is that so...?

DJ. Did you hear what I say?

hi. Yes, well....there are a lot of songs that are not yet released...

y. Are there any?

hi. Yes there are! Taisho (Yoshikis nickname) we've making!

y. Are we making? There aren't any...

hi. We are making! We have done!

DJ. Are you all right? Are you getting along well in the band?

y. There are only two songs. You said 'a lot'.

t. Ha ha ha....

DJ. He says there are only two, not a lot.

hi. There are two songs!

p. Is that all right?

y. There will be three songs!

hi. There will be three songs.

DJ. From some place the number of songs will increase.

hi. These things will happen. During the tour, we'll gain our experience and get us version up. Please count on us.

y. Ha ha...

DJ. How about you Toshi-san?

t. I....I'm also looking forward to it.

DJ. The members, too, are looking forward to it.

t. Yes, it'll be great. It'll be such a great tour.

DJ. How about you Pata-san? It already began.

p. We'll be able to hear Yoshiki-san's talk soon. I'm expecting.

y. Why do you say such a thing?

DJ. Ha ha....Then how about you Heath-san? You've done a concert, but this is your first tour.

he. Yes.

DJ. What's the highlight?

he. Well, I want to see it myself.

DJ. You can't see the stage live, however hard you try...

y. I can see it!

DJ. I see...

t. He's down there sometimes. He's watching us down there.

y. I'm sometimes down there.

DJ. Oh! You don't mean that you watch the stage from your drum set, but...

y. I leave the drum set and go to the audience. Then I can see the stage.

DJ. Is that so? Well, (to Heath) how about your enthusiasm? This is your first time.

he. Of course, I have a great enthusiasm!

DJ. For those fans who are waiting outside Tokyo.

y. The eyes of stars scattered tell us something.

DJ. There's something hot.

He. Yes, exactly.

DJ. How about you, Yoshiki-san? This time?

y. I'll try with all my might and spirit (???)

t. As usual! You haven't changed at all! The same as you said when you did the 'Blue Blood Tour'!

DJ. You do as you did before. And... everybody is waiting... and waiting... and waiting for your album. How about it?

part 4