NHKFM Music Square

I splitted the interview in 4 parts, so that it is not an endless page...

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part 4

Dec. '95

DJ. = Interviewer

y. = Yoshiki

hi. = hide

t. = Toshi

p. = Pata

he. = Heath


y. Oh, yes. I'm too. Waiting and waiting for it!

DJ. Really?

y. Yes, I'am. But... I have to say this, because I'm mistaken recently. I'm really trying to complete it. I'll do the recording during the tour. I was recording this morning until now. We are working very hard to complete it. I want to finish it as soon as possible, but I won't tell you when it's released because I hate to disappoint you. Oh; I'll release it suddenly!

hi. Without any promotion?

y. Without any promotion, and you'll find it suddenly displayed in a record shop. It's lovely.

DJ. Without any promotion? You happen to go to the record store and find it released, and it'll splead from month to month.

y. Yes, it's good.

DJ. So suddenly. Your recording work is still continuing. Please wait for it, fans. How about the singles?

y. I'm planning to release the singles one after another. But plan is about you Toshi-san?


DJ. Toshi-san is lovely.

t. How about you hide-san?

hi. I'm thinking.

DJ. it depends on hide-san.

hi. I'm only thinking...

DJ. You're only thinking...that's too bad. Everyone, please wait for them. Then, about NHK TV program 'PopJam', on Friday, December 15th, X Japan will appear and play 'Longing' and they'll appear in 'PopJam' next year again. Than you very much. Who is the TV team? The radio team was hide, Toshi and Pata.

y. It's me, I'm the TV team. Well....ah.....I'm the recording team.

DJ. Oh, you're the recording team.

y. I'm supporting behind the shade.

DJ. The shade? What an outstanding shade! Please look forward to this Friday. They'll play 'Longing' . Well, 1995 will end within a month. Looking back 1995, and please tell us individually how it was and what are you going to so next year? I'll reverse the order, well, Yoshiki-san.

y. Oh??? Really...really? Um... well...I've been recording for a long time inside a studio. I'll be able to release the songs which we have been making. I'll reveal you all of the things that I have had i my mind for these 3 years.

DJ. How about you, Heath-san? How was this year?

he. This year? I was inside, so I want to go outside next year!

y. You have to go our under the sun!

t. Ha ha...

DJ. How about you Pata-san?

p. What I have done this year? I'll try to so hard that I'll know what I have done next year.

DJ. When we meet at teh same time of next year. How about you, Toshi-san?

t. Well, I'll send out the things which I've experienced this year for you and for me.

DJ. Then hide-san?

hi. This year has passed so quickly. I'll do something I can reveal next year. X's album will be released, it's the best thing...will it?

y. I have no choice, if you say such a thing!

all. Ha ha ha....

DJ. From what you have said, you'll come out and we'll be able to listen to your music a lot next year. Let's wait for it. Please come again to this program. Thank you very much. Then the last song... Please introduce this song, Pata-san.

p. Is it me? Well... X Japan 'Tears - live verson -'

DJ. Thank you very much.