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I splitted the interview in 4 parts, so that it is not an endless page...

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Dec. '95

DJ. = Interviewer

y. = Yoshiki

hi. = hide

t. = Toshi

p. = Pata

he. = Heath


DJ. I see. You've praising each other.

t. & y. No, no, no...

DJ. Pata-san how did you spend after you came back to Japan?

p. What was I doing? I don't remember.

DJ: Everybody suffered from jet lag.

p. Yes. We're getting older. We suffer from jet lag.

DJ. Is that so? What about you, Heath-san?

he. As soon as I came back, I went to the studio.

y. He's serious.

DJ. The most positive answer! Did you practise?

he. Well, yes, ....setting...or.....

DJ. I see. According to the rumor, Heath-san, you like to appear on radio more than anyone else...The members said.

he. No, that isn't so.

DJ. You don't have much opportunity.

he. No.

DJ. A few times.

y. From now on, he says that he'll try. He's aming at a regular DJ.

(t. He's  aming at a regular DJ.)

DJ. So, Yoshiki-san says 'You should do a program'. How about.....NHK AH-Japan Network?

he. I was offered to do a long time ago.

DJ. You offered, not having done...?

he. But I thought I was not the kind of man...

DJ. Ah..., and Yoshiki-san, who gets nervous on the radio. Though you have just come back, what did you do first?

y. It was just a few days ago that I unpacked my luggage. What have I been doing?

DJ. Time passes too fast.

y. I've been doing some recording most of the time.

DJ. You came to NKH right from the studio today.

y. I haven't slept at all.

DJ. You're strong, without any sleep....

y. I want to sleep if I can...

DJ. Are you insomnia?

y. Yes, but this time, I have no time to sleep in my schedule!

DJ. It's not because you can't sleep, but because you don't have the time to sleep with a lot of work to do. Well, this time, I have many things to talk about. The promotion video clip of 'Longing' ...You may have been asked the same question many times from a lot fo people. First of all, Yoshiki-san, you've had your hair cut short and made a video clip directed by David Lynch. How was it fixed that you work with David Lynch?

y. I said, 'I want to work with DAvid Lynch.' Then it's fixed.

DJ. Oh no! It's not so easy. Even if with a Japanese director, it's difficult. Yoshiki-san said that you liked David Lynch and...?

y. You can do anything if you try!

DJ. Oh great! It's convincing when 'X' say so. Then did he accept gladly? After let him listen to your music?

y. Well, there's a long story, but...It's important to be convinced. If you want to do it earnestly, you can surely do it!

DJ. I see...You made your beautiful nude in public in that videoclip. What do the other members think about it? There was an artbook before.

hi. But we don't see each others hip.

DJ. Oh, do you? Have you ever seen the other members hip while changing clothes? hide-san?

y. No...

hi. We change clothes behind the walls.

DJ. Ha ha ha.

y. It's hide. About hide, have you ever seen hide's upper-half of the body, Toshi?

t. No, I haven't.

y. No, we haven't.

DJ. No ?!?

y. Even when we go out swimming, hide is wearing a t-shirt.

DJ. Really? There are some boys who take bath with their underpants on when you go on a school journey.

y. Toshi and I don't care, do we?

t. No.

hi. You never let me see your hip!

t. Ha ha....'never let me see your hip'.....Do you want to see it?

DJ. Ha ha ha...

y. hide-san is always changing clothes at the corner of the room.

t. He changes clothes without being noticed.

DJ. With a towel wrapped around your waist? Ha ha....How about your Pata-san? Do yoiu take of your clothes violently?

h./t./y. Ha ha ha...

p. I....I change my clothes secretly. My body isn't worth being seen.

hi. The most wildly body! With chest hair!

DJ. And you joined X last, how about you? have you ever been seen your bear hip or upper half of your body?

he. I don't care much about it, when changing clothes.

y. You can see a lot this time, because it's your first tour.

t. You can see a lot....??

DJ. Do you want to see each others nude?!

y. No..., but...Everybody always makes fool of me!

DJ. Even the stuff was kidding you!

y. Yes.

DJ. He asked you whether you had got a tape all right. He said, 'Don't forget to bring it?'

y. Yes....I don't know which one of us is the manger!

DJ. Ha ha ha...

DJ. Yes...Heath-san, it's your first tour all over Japan. Please enjoy the other members nude a lot! I don't know what I am saying... Then, now, please listen to a song. So, the second radio professional, Toshi-san, please introduce the next song.

t. Yes. X Japan 'Longing'

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